Hello Libby Dear is a trusted, home-grown Australian childcare company that is irrefutably passionate and dedicated to children and their well-being. HLD believe that quality childcare is a necessity that absolutely no child should have to live without and that by taking good care of our youths we too are taking care of the future.

Best friends Helen, Libby and Denise came together in 2011 to form the Hello Libby Dear business as a bit of a passion project but had no idea that it would take off so rapidly and grow into such a success.

“Between the three of us we have so much experience in childcare that we figured it was practically our duty to collaborate and offer what we have learned in our time in the childcare industry to anyone that is willing to listen and learn”. – Libby

Hello Libby Dear provides free advice through their blog with a wealth of different hints, tips and techniques when dealing with children. This is an open blog whereby you can contribute and offer some of your experiences to help new parents and carers alike expand their knowledge and provide better childcare for their own.

You will also find that Helen, Libby and Denise discuss the pros and cons of various childcare products through their blog in order to help deliver the most comprehensive advice possible, saving you time and money when looking to purchase certain items that are either very effective or a waste of time.