Many mothers worry about the time when they have to start looking to get back into a career. If you have not been granted maternal leave by your employer and are having to look for something new it can be an emotional and confusing time. You can feel exhausted, lacking in confidence or just simply a bit rusty and not feeling as knowledgeable as you did previously due to a lack of working for a period. But you really shouldn’t fear there are so many ways for you to upskill yourself or learn new skills which can put you back on the top of an employer’s list of accepted resumes. Whether it is through training courses or learning online there are so many options available to you that you should dismiss any fears you might have and instead think how you are going to go about it. As well as this there are some lifestyle changes which you could make too.

Develop a Daily Routinecheerful

After having had a child your daily schedule will have been ripped up and thrown in the bin. The hours which you are awake and asleep will be a complete mess and so it is important to try to put some structure back into your life. You will need to do this before you start a new job so that your body can regain some sort of rhythm and routine and so your body is ready to deal with the upcoming working routine. If you go straight into a 9 – 5 job without getting the adequate rest and recuperation beforehand, you will feel even more tired and it will not be beneficial to your health. Ask your partner to help you to get some more regular sleep patterns and get as much rest as possible in the weeks before you aim to start working again.

Arrange Childcare

Unless you have a partner who will be able to look after your child during your working hours you will quickly need to arrange some sort of childcare. This will take a while to find so set aside a decent portion of time so that you can find someone or somewhere you feel happy with. The last thing you want is to go back to work and be worrying about your child so finding somewhere you trust is of paramount importance. You can either drop your child off at a nursery or have a nanny come into your home and look after your child there. How you do it is up to you, but the most important thing is that you feel happy with the person or people who will be taking care of your child.

Do a Test Run to Work

Once you have found yourself a job you should allow yourself time to test out the routine of getting there. Set your alarm for the relevant time and make the trip to work. By doing this you will be able to test out the traffic and you will know exactly where you will be going on your first day. You might discover that you need to change your routine with your baby somewhat to fit around these new working times so work out how these might impact your daily life.

Rediscover Your Confidence

confidenceSometimes it can be quite nerve racking getting back into the workplace after having had an extended break. You might feel that you are a little rusty or out of practice and want to have some sort of refresher or upskilling class to boost your confidence levels. You could attend a few courses such as free personal development courses which will quickly help you to regain your confidence and focus on getting back into employment. Remember that as with anything, practice makes perfect so don’t expect to be perfect from your first day back at work. You will probably be working in a new environment and learning new things so make as many friends as possible and ask for help whenever you come across anything new. Once you have done it a few times it will undoubtedly become easier and so you will start to feel more confident in what you are doing.



Advice Getting Back into Work After Having a Child