How can you know that the food your kids have is healthy? There are more and more overweight kids in this modern age since they have eaten food that may not contain proper nutrition, especially, over-added sugar, so it is important for you to know the effects of sugar in a kid’s diet. Sometimes you have to remember that what works for adults may not be best for kids!


Limit sugar for kids


Sugar is almost everywhere as most of food and beverages added sugar in order to raise its taste and attract children. However, I would like to suggest the ways you can do to lead your kids get less sugar consumption.

  • Limit portions of desserts and sweets and give then fruit instead
  • Look for the whole-grain cereals that don’t have added sugar or salt
  • Avoid yoghurt that added sugar and give them plain yoghurt with berries or fruit
  • Stick to water and unflavored milk


Effect of excessive sugar consuming in kids


When people like to do something and do it often, dopamine will be released from their brains which will regulate what they find pleasurable and set them off on a quest to seek out those pleasurable activities. In the same way, sugar can be addicted too.


Your kids can be caused more problems by ADHD syndrome or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder if there is excessive sugar intake in their diet. So, if you want your kids who are in the age of learning to properly develop their talent and skill, you have to give them appropriate nutrition. However there’s no need to cut it out entirely, you just limit quantity of sugar you are offering to your children and it is reasonable to give them sweets and desserts as everyone deserves some pleasure after all. You can buy candy online as a treat for them after they have been doing well in their exams, sports or other activities but this should not happen as a routine because it can also make them addicted to sweetness.


You as a parent should not spoil them with everything they want, even if sometimes it causes them to cry, scream or beg. Remember that there are many things excessive sugar consumption can lead your kids to, such as drug abuse, ADHD syndrome and Alzheimer’s. Is it worth denying 10 second’s worth of happiness to your child after all? Of course, not!

Effects of Sugar in a Kid’s Diet