Keeping a safe, clean house is something that most self-respecting homeowners take pride in, and nobody more so than caring parents who want nothing more than to provide a happy, enjoyable life for their little ones.

As much as most parents don’t want to let their kids of out of their sight, let’s face it, it’s impossible to keep your eyes on them all the time, so you need to be sure that no matter where in the house they are playing, their surroundings are as safe as they can possibly be.Clean Home


Protect Your Child From Scalding

Keeping your children away from kettles, boiling water and oil cooking on the stove is something that all parents pay special attention to. However, around cooking isn’t the only place children can get burned, the temperature of your home’s hot taps can also cause severe burns and should be kept away from potential use by young ones. Modern water heaters feature adjustable temperature settings (suggested temperatures for babies is 120°F or 49°C) however if you don’t have that option, then you’ll have to make sure hot taps are always tightly closed and difficult to open by the hands of a child, and you’ll need to pay even more attention when they are washing, cleaning, or even playing in the bathroom or kitchen.


Install Safe Windows

Every year thousands of children end up falling out of windows. Installing safe windows that feature stops or guards (which can be removed easily in case of fire) to prevent them from opening more than 4 inches will stop your children taking a tumble out of an upper-level window.


Keep Out Bugs and Rodents

Pest infestations can be a nightmare for anyone, let alone worried parents with children. Dealing with the problem using expert pest control services at the very first sight of any infestation is a must as pests can carry bacteria and viruses that can be harmful to children, and adults alike.

Whether you’re looking for insect exterminators, or rodent and rat control, make sure that they are using safe and environmentally friendly methods to get rid of the pests. Some chemicals used to kill pests can be just as harmful as the pests themselves, so be sure whatever company you’re going with, that they are using approved techniques that have a low risk of causing any health issues.

Of course, prevention is always better then a cure, and there are measures you can take to help keep unwanted pests out of your home. Seal off cracks and crevices in the floor and walls, restore weathered windows and doors, keep your kitchen clean and all food in containers and install insect screens for doors and windows.

There’s so much more to babyproofing, and toddler proofing your home, but when it comes down to it, no matter how hard you try, your children are likely to run in to some accidents in the house, all you can do is try to minimize the risk and the resulting injuries by choosing the right furniture, décor, and carefully setting up your home with as few hazards as possible.


Keep a Safe Clean Home For Your Children