It must be a headache to try to convince your child to do things they don’t want to do. Most of the time these things are for their own good, some examples can be to study, keep their toys or even taking a shower. Making them stop doing things they want to do will be even more a nightmare.

Here are some ways that you can motivate your kid so that they’re more likely to do things you tell them to.


Talk to them, let them know the reason why

Motivate Your KidTalking to your child, letting them know the meaning as to why you want them to do certain things is a good start. Make everything a life lesson, they will most probably do the right things. If they don’t understand, spend more time to talk to them and make them understand.

Another way is to think like a child to understand your child. Why don’t they want to keep their toys? The reason probably is because that they want it to be easily accessible so that they can return to their toys as and when they like. Teach them that laying their toys everywhere can cause them to trip over their toys. If you tell them that not keeping the toy because it is very messy, they probably couldn’t understand the meaning of that. Tell them that they will trip over and get hurt badly if they don’t keep their toys after playing with them.


Appreciate the little things

kidWhen you have a great time cleaning the house without them making a mess, they woke up on their own on time and got ready for school by themselves or even not waking you up in the middle of the night because they stayed in bed all night long. Tell them how much you appreciate what they’re doing. Kids love to please their parents, and know that they did please their parents, they will feel more motivated and will be more well-behaved.



Rewarding them occasionally can motivate them. If they scored a high score for their recent tests, provide them with a small gift. A candy will normally suffice. However, don’t motivate them by giving a treat in order to convince them to do things. If you run out of treats one day, they will probably stop doing what you want them to do and may even throw a tantrum.

Rewarding can be effective if done the right way. If done the wrong way, it will do more harm than good. Only reward them when they are performing well and not give them a reward for them to perform well. You can however promise that if they do something well, there may be a treat for them. But do so in moderation and not too often, your rewarding needs to be hard to earn and not easy to get.

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I understand that it can be hard for you to convince your child to do things, but these are just some of the many ways to motivate your child. Try it today!

Ways to Motivate Your Kid